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Test your Knowledge

Very Fast Break Flashbacks - Climate with a Twist!

Over the past four years Agriculture Victoria’s Seasonal Risk Agronomist, Dale Grey, has provided viewers of the Very Fast Break with plenty of entertaining ways of providing seasonal climate updates. The twenty short video clips below provide a fun, fast commentary on the science behind the drivers of our climate and how they influence our seasons.

Test your Knowledge

At the end of fifteen of the twenty videos, you’ll find a link to a one question quiz for you to take to help you gauge how savvy you are with climate lingo and how the climate drivers influence your part of south eastern Australia.  We’d also like to gauge how effective our Very Fast Flashbacks are at explaining our key messages around what drives our climate and weather patterns.

Mobile coverage and seasonal rainfall – both need a good connection!

El Niño Bingo – how it changes the odds for our winter-spring rainfall.

Know your odds – neutral ocean doesn’t mean average rainfall!

Watching sea surface temps - the 2015, ’16, ’17 and ’18 story

Pacific Trade Winds – an important alarm for dry seasons

When is there more confidence in seasonal forecasts (and your footy team)?

In neutral, anything is possible

When positive is negative…... confusing climate lingo!

How SAM can pull the plug on winter rains

Bowling up an autumn break

We need moisture from our north – we’re not fussy where from

Some years, seasonal forecasts aren’t worth a crumpet

Recipe for making rain

Not enough goals yet for an ElNiño

The 2018 Climate Driver Cup race call

Seasonal forecasts versus weather events – need a good full forward!

How the Indian Ocean Dipole can affect our rain and run rate

When SAM can’t deliver the goods

The 2017 season - a few climate players getting a kick!

When your footy team’s form is a bit like the cropping season


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